Will Smart TVs Replace IPTV Box ?


Will Smart TVs Replace IPTV Box


First of all, we need to understand what is a smart TVs and what is an IPTV box.

Smart TVs currently on the market are basically ordinary TVs plus OTT Box, with a built-in Android system, which is used to watch Internet videos or APP program sources built into brand TVs.

Most of the IPTV Box is a value-added service attached to the network by a certain operator. Simply put, it is a network set-top box with limited operators.
According to our company’s experience in the STB industry, it is difficult for smart TVs to replace IPTV Box at present. Let’s talk about the differences and why they cannot be replaced in a short time.

1.Live streaming source authorization

Due to different authorization rights, IPTV live broadcast has unique advantages. There are regular live broadcast sources without copyright disputes, and the quality of live broadcasts can be fully guaranteed.

Although smart TVs can download and watch live broadcasts through APPs, they are more or less paid APPs, and free live broadcast sources are very unstable. Delays and freezes are also serious, and the quality of the live broadcast cannot be guaranteed.


IPTV operators prohibit users from installing third-party apps, so some functions cannot be used by users
However, since operators can prohibit it, they can also open it up. The final decision is depending on the needs of users.
Smart TVs can install third-party apps as needed, and can play games, etc.

3.Network broadcasting and targeted optimization of the network.
Most IPTV Box is provided by operators, so it uses a network dedicated to operators, which is different from other broadband in terms of network configuration.
Therefore, users of IPTV Box will not experience freezes when watching 4K (or above 4K) TV, and the video quality is well guaranteed.
The broadband network used by smart TVs shares bandwidth with the electronic products used by family members. At the same time, there is the influence of network operators. The quality of the network cannot be guaranteed, and the quality of watching TV and video cannot be guaranteed.


IPTV operators have their own servers, original resource, and QoS are guaranteed.

5.Software update
After the electronic product is bought at home, the user experience will be different when the software is not updated.
Smart TVs have many built-in APPs. When upgrading, they optimize and upgrade the latest TV system as a whole. After a long time, the built-in memory is insufficient, which is also the reason why most smart TVs freeze when playing. The IPTV Box special upgrade can effectively avoid this aspect.

At present, due to user preferences and various reasons in the market, smart TVs and IPTV box will coexist for a long time in the future.
It is possible that the two products merge as technology development. But who can define the future? Welcome to leave a message to discuss together.




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