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Wireless screen projection provides more convenience for work and play

Wireless display receiver can be divided into “consumer-grade wireless screen projection products” and “professional-grade wireless screen projection products” according to categories. wireless display receiver can project meeting content, multimedia files, game screens, movies, and video pictures to another screen for interaction, without the need for various connections, free from constraints to enjoy a faster and freer screen projection experience. Wireless screen projection technology has been closely related to our lives, providing more convenience for work and entertainment.
Ruogood’s wifi display dangle and Wireless carplay adapter are loved by the majority of users. Ruogood can provide OEM & ODM services to content agents and producers worldwide.


Ruogood's options

1.AirPlay Protocol

AirPlay protocol is a wireless technology developed by Apple, which can wirelessly transmit pictures, audio, and video from iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices to AirPlay devices through WiFi. That is, the mobile terminal displays whatever the TV screen displays.

2.Miracast Protocol

Miracast wireless screen projection is the most compatible screen projection protocol, most Android mobile phones, smart TVs support Miracast screen projection protocol. It only requires that the mobile phone and TV support the Miracast screen projection protocol, and the mobile phone and TV are in the same LAN, you can play videos or photos directly on the TV or other devices through Miracast.

3.DLNA Protocol

DLNA is similar to Apple’s AirPlay in that it allows you to put media content from your phone on your TV screen. The difference is that the DLNA on the phone does not have a mirroring function similar to AirPlay or Miracast.

WiFi diaplay dangle advantage

Ruogood's WiFi diaplay dangle advantage

1.Wide compatibility for all main systems in the market Mobile phones, tablet, notebook, one click to mirror.

2.Powered by the professional AM8272 smart chip,sharing speed is smooth and with high efficiency.

3.The new operation guide Ul Make it so simple.


Ruogood's Wireless carplay adapter advantage

1.You can use it, and you are not allowed to download the APP.

2.Upgrade the original car screen and turn it into wireless control.

3.Suitable for 99% of models.

4.Speech wake-up, intelligent voice control.

5.Compatible with the original vehicle control protocol, the operation is more aspect.

6.Faster and more stable transmission.

7.Feel free to download mainstream maps and have more choices for travel and navigation

8.Connect automatically, no need to repeat operations

carplay dangle

Screen projector
Ruogood Screen Caster can help you in these ways

1. The TV is a non-smart TV, and the set-top box cannot be projected yet.
2. The current TV screen projection function is poor, and the TV is old.
3. People who are entangled between buying a screen projector or buying a set-top box.
4. People who have a higher pursuit of screen projection performance.
5. People who only have monitors, such as computer monitors, but want to use screen projection.
6. The router is relatively poor and far, to low-latency screen. mirroring/same screen mode, the screen projector needs to independently transmit the 5G band Wi-Fi people.
7. People who need to use special functions such as screen caster’s secret listening, cloud screen projection, vertical screen projection, live broadcast, reverse control, free mirroring of the same screen, etc.
8. Need to go out to carry conveniently, in hotels, conference rooms, studios, cars and other places to use and other people.

Application scenarios
Screen projector usage scenarios

1. Use it at home and transform the previous TV into a TV that can project the screen.

2. Use in the hotel, travel for business, need to stay in the hotel is boring, hotel TV and can only watch live broadcast, then prepare a screen projector, it is cool, there are many resources, long nights are not lonely.

3. Use it in the car machine, if your car machine cannot be projected screen, you can use it on the screen of the car pick-up.


WiFi diaplay dangle
WiFi display dangle

In the family, it is mainly to solve the problem that the TV cannot be projected, or the TV screen projection function is not good. Compensate for the shortcomings of the screen projection function of TV/projector/set-top box.

Wireless carplay adapter
Wireless carplay adapter

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, most cars are now equipped with large-screen navigation screens, and how to use this large screen to achieve intelligent interaction with personal mobile phones has become the most solved problem for industry practitioners. In-vehicle screen projection solutions redefine in-vehicle intelligent interaction in terms of user convenience, flexibility and technology.

Wireless Carplay dongle
Wireless carplay adapter Manufacturer
Wireless screen projection provides more convenience for work and play
  • The product is practical and the price is reasonable. In line with my scenario, I plan to return the order again.

  • It is very practical in terms of education, and teachers can use it to achieve interactive operation during lessons.

  • The team is technically good and looks forward to working with them.



How to choose a screen projector?

1. Look at the strength of the screen projector manufacturer, whether it is independent research and development, who the screen projection protocol is, and the follow-up maintenance
2. Look at the hardware parameters and look at the use configuration
3. Look at the configured APP to see whether the interactive experience is easy to understand and operate
4. See if there are special features that can impress the point of your heart
5. Look at screen casting performance, video playback ability, mirror ability, etc.

How to use it after buying?

1.A power cable to power the screen projector
2.A screen projector host, a small one
3.An HDMI cable that transmits the signal source of the screen projector to the monitor or TV.
4.A few will give away a remote control, because it is really difficult to operate without a remote control, which tests a person’s understanding and patience!

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