The Hidden Dangers of Cheap Set-Top Boxes




After the epidemic, China opened up to the outside world. Many foreign guests in our company for a variety of negotiations, there are additional orders, feedback market demand information, there are cooperation to create suitable for the local market products, and so on. Every day busy negotiating, meeting guests, talking about orders. One of the customers responded with a price question that left me speechless.

Since the opening of our company, we have experienced more than ten years of market baptism. Now use the identity of the industry producer to analyze the difference between the cheap box and my company’s box with you.

How to choose a TV box? Many customers are lost in the face of endless advertising on the market. More users think that the box is seriously homogenized, and it is difficult to find the substantial gap, so it is OK to pick the cheap one. In fact, the user complaint rate of many low-end boxes is very high, and take a look at the truth behind the low price of these boxes.

First, let’s look at the software side. The system of cheap box is complicated without optimization, and the operation is not convenient。

In fact, many low-price boxes are set of low-cost wild mold production on the market, and the system operation interface is complex. And the low-cost box brand itself does not have professional technicians to upgrade and optimize. In order to ensure their own costs, low-cost boxes generally do not pursue the development of the brand, but the immediate interests.

Secondly, in terms of hardware, the cheap box is poor in material and cannot be continuously used smoothly。

If you buy the right box, you can use it for three or five years. If you buy some low-cost boxes, generally half a month, a month after the start of various problems, caton, flash back, crash and so on. This is because many low-cost boxes are mostly cheap and of poor quality. Although it is used quickly at first, it cannot guarantee long-term stable operation.

Third, a few cheap boxes will automatically uninstall the software, security is not guaranteed.

Automatic uninstallation software is also the most frequently complained problem point of many users, automatic uninstallation of background software, forced upgrade system. And installing third-party software on low-cost boxes can be cumbersome. The user’s hard to install on the live broadcast software was inexplicably deleted, the experience can be imagined poor.

Fourth, external protection

1.HDMI backbite problem, you may be a little confused. Simply put, HDMI reverse current power supply may burn the main control directly. If you do not understand, please call Ruogood customer service.

2.Overheat protection, the cheap box probably does not do such protection. This protection protects the box and extends its service life. When the temperature rises to a certain extent, the resistance value of the thermistor will reach a preset threshold, then the overheat protector will cut off the circuit to avoid damage to the circuit and equipment from overheating.

3.Overvoltage protection, a protection method to disconnect the power supply or reduce the voltage of the controlled equipment when the line voltage exceeds the predetermined maximum value. The cheaper boxes probably don’t have that kind of protection.

4.Broadband power supply, the power supply our company uses is 110-240V. The price is more expensive than the ordinary power supply.

Low-price STB

Ruogood box vs cheap box review:

一、Live experience competition

Ruogood’s box clarity is good, the speed of switching stations is fast, and you can easily change stations in almost 3 seconds. The picture quality is clear and stable, and the color is bright.

Cheap box: The picture quality will be relatively fuzzy, and the smooth playback is OK, but it is easy to load when switching to higher definition.

Comparison chart


The TV box not only pursues the function but also pursues the appearance of the exquisite, both inside and outside repair. Ruogood box has won the hearts of many users not only in terms of video playback technology, but also in terms of design.

My company to undertake OEM&ODM orders, as long as you have demand, my company one-stop service for you.

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