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Ruogood has cooperated with a number of educational institutions to develop a somatosensory education system, and has promoted it in many preschool institutions and primary schools, which has been well received by users. Somatosensory education is based on experiential learning theory and embodied cognitive theory, using somatosensory manipulation technology, 3D technology and AR augmented reality technology, the preschool education and primary education stage can not be directly experienced, but very important knowledge and practice is presented in a three-dimensional scene close to the real three-dimensional scene, children through running, stretching, jumping and other body movements to control the characters in the three-dimensional scene, and the characters in the three-dimensional scene to learn, experience and explore.

Ruogood can provide the following services in the somatosensory education system:

1. Control Center. Through STB to deal with running, stretching, jumping and other movements, combined with built-in educational content and knowledge, to achieve the purpose of spreading knowledge through games. Increase students’ interest in learning.
2. Cooperate with education companies to develop embedded 3D somatosensory software. Through the integration of the strengths of the two companies, education will be conducted in a contextual, immersive, and interactive way of learning.

AR Somatosensory Education
AR Education

The advantage of Ruogood in the somatosensory education system

1. It is convenient and fast for users to use. Use directly after connecting the power cord.
2. Cost advantage. Our company already has successful cases and the advantage of bulk shipment. It can directly reduce the development cost of collaborators.
3. Quality assurance. Mature cases have proved that our products are loved by the majority of users in the somatosensory education system. Nothing happened during use that affected the experience. Our products come with a one-year warranty, lifetime maintenance commitment.

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5.We have 5 structural engineers, which means We always offer 2-3 private molds for each of the STB box models to make a difference for different marketing needs avoid conflict, and make a profit.

Ruogood:STB Box Fabrication Manufacturer in China

Gamified Learning
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1. Free consultation
2. Provide free feasibility analysis report

AR Smart Classroom
Custom Projects

1.Software customization
2.Hardware customization
3.PCBA customization

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What are the characteristics of somatosensory education

1. Somatosensory education combines somatosensory technology and educational content, spreads knowledge through games, inspires children’s minds, allows students to truly become the main body in teaching, improves students’ interest in learning, and stimulates students’ potential.
2. With situational, immersive and interactive learning methods, it breaks through the limitations of traditional education methods and teaching tools, inspires children’s minds through entertaining and educational forms, cultivates children’s interest in learning, and makes children’s scientific knowledge, behavioral habits and physical fitness all develop in a balanced manner

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