Rockchip RK3566
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  • Rockchip RK3566-1
  • Rockchip RK3566-2
  • Rockchip RK3566-3
  • Rockchip RK3566-5
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RockChip RK3566

OS: Android 11.0
CPU: Quad Core ARM Cortex A55
GPU: Mali-G52 1-Core-2EE
Capacity: 8GB (2/4/8GB Optional)
Capacity: 64GB (16/32/64/128GB Optional)
WiFi: Support WiFi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n / ac
Architecture: OpenGL ES 1.1/2.0/3.2,OpenCL 2.0,Vulkan 1.1 support
Power: DC 5V/2A


Rockchip RK3566 intelligent network set-top box chip solution. RK3566 adopts quad-core A55 processor, integrated G52 graphics processor, powerful encoding and decoding performance. Built-in AIoT and built-in independent NPU can provide 0.8TOPS computing power support to meet the needs of lightweight artificial intelligence applications. This network set-top box runs the latest Android 11 operating system, can customize the system according to user needs, and supports Linux system debugging. Products can be customized according to demand, support 0EM and ODM customization.

1. CPU frequency 1.8GHz, up to 2.0GHz;
2. GPU frequency 800MHz;
3. Support 1080P video decoding and encoding;
4. Configure MIPI DSI interface, which can be equipped with a variety of display screens;
5. Support Linux, Android, Hongmeng and other systems;
6. It can be cascaded and extended through PCI and so on, and do local artificial intelligence processing system.

Rockchip RK3566-7

Ruogood's advantage

Rockchip RK3566-8

Large-capacity storage , enjoy massive applications

Rockchip RK3566-9

Ultra-high-definition 4K resolution with a new generation of HDR image quality engine
Rich details display to let you see the world more clearly.8K video decoding engine supported, which bring you more exciting content

Rockchip RK3566-10

Multi-device connection
Available external devices via BT function

Rockchip RK3566-11

Cool and smooth graphics to meet your needs for entertaining games

Rockchip RK3566-12

Powerful NPU performance supporting rich AI applications

Rockchip RK3566-15

Two Transmit Two Receive , Two Antennas Synchronous Transmission Fast transfer speed

Video * Video Decoder
H.265 HEVC/MVC Main10 Profile yuv420@L5.1 up to 4096×2304@60fps
H.264 AVC/MVC Main10 Profile yuv400/yuv420/yuv422/@L5.1 up to 4096×2304@60fps
VP9 Profile0/2 yuv420@L5.1 up to 4096×2304@60fps
VP8 verision2,up to 1920×1088@60fps
VC1 Simple Profile@low, medium, high levels, Main Profile@low, medium, high levels, Advanced Profile@level0~3,up to 1920×1088@60fps
MPEG-4 Simple Profile@L0~6,Advanced Simple Profile@L0~5,up to 1920×1088@60fps
MPEG-2 Main Profile, low, medium and high levels, up to 1920×1088@60fps
MPEG-1 Main Profile, low, medium and high levels, up to 1920×1088@60fps
H.263 Profile0,levels 10-70,up to 720×576@60fps
* Video Encoder
H.264/AVC BP/MP/HP@level4.2,up to 1920×1080@100fps
H.265/HEVC MP@level4.1, up to 1920×1080@100fps (4096×4096@10fps with TILE)
Support YUV/RGB video source with rotation and mirror
Audio Supports MP3, AAC, WMA,  FLAC, Ogg.
Type Support WiFi IEEE 802.11 b / g / n / ac
Frequency Support 2.4G and 5G
Antenna Type Two external antennas

Support BT4.X

Rockchip RK3566-00


It is suitable for various embedded application scenarios, such as smart home, intelligent manufacturing, industrial control, security monitoring, etc. In smart home, it can meet the needs of a variety of smart home devices, such as home audio, smart TV, smart router, etc. Support a variety of memory and storage types, can support more application scenarios under the condition of ensuring high-speed operation, and expand the function of processing task boxes, bringing users a more convenient and rich user experience.

If you have such a need, Ruogood provides free consultation and free project evaluation.

Rockchip RK3566-19
Rockchip RK3566-18


DC connector   DC IN(5V/2A)
HDMI  4K*2K UHD Output, HDMI 1.4/2.0
3.5mm Earphone jack Remote Reciver Connect
External memory Support
USB host *1 USB3.0  *2  USB2.0 normal type
Ethernet 1000M Ethernet

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High enthusiasm for work; Good character, good morality, high self-cultivation, integrity towards customers; Be rigorous in your work

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Ruogood company is a company with independent design, independent production and reasonable pricing, and we will continue to support them

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The company is strong and reputable, the products provided are very cost-effective, there is no rework, and the project can be completed in time, and the post-service is very in place.

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We enjoyed the cooperation. They have an excellent professional and technical team, which can complete our company’s products in time and quality; They respect our needs and work ethics;

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