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Ruogood Projector

Ruogood has set up a projector project to meet the needs of the market, and we can customize the service for projectors for home, office, school and entertainment venues.

  • Type: LCD / DLP / LCD + LED
  • Configuration: 2+16 / 4+32
  • Chip: Amlogic T972/ RockChip RK3566 / MTK
  • Logo printing on housing (silk screening, gold blocking or laser carving)
  • Customized package box
  • Software Customization: Boot image, Boot animation, Launcher, User Interface , APP preload, Function… and so on

Let’s discuss innovations in the multimedia field

Ruogood Projector

LCD:Brighter, more realistic displays.LCD projectors have higher brightness and contrast, so they can present fuller colors and brighter images.

DLP: More natural colors, high contrast and grayscale, no pixels, more comfortable look, no crosstalk when looking at 3D, and a little longer life

LCD+LED:Combining the advantages of LCD and LED, it has become a new generation of products, with new breakthroughs in resolution, clarity, and decoding capabilities.

Low noise



Low price
Smart Projector

Selectable configurations

According to your budget and your application scenario, our company can customize according to the needs, including but not limited to the following:

1. Keystone correction: Electronic trapezoidal correction Manual and automatic selectable.

2.Battery:It can be configured according to the application scenario, or according to your needs.

3. Focus method:Manual and automatic selectable.

4. Remote control: infrared remote control, Bluetooth remote control, language remote control are optional

5. Chip:Amlogic T972 / RockChip RK3566 / MTK


Projector interface

Rich interfaces

1.Bluetooth: Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth speakers can be connected

2.Wireless screen casting: Apple devices, Android devices

3.HD-in: games, notebooks, set-top boxes, etc

4.USB: USB stick, keyboard, mouse, etc


English French German Spanish Italian etc multilateral languages.

The system comes with no additional installation.


Multi-language projector

Advantages of Ruogood

R&D team
Aging workshop

1. Multiple professional R&D team.

2. Support software modification, software and hardware customization.

3. Million-level dust-free workshop.

4. Scenario-based simulation test aging.

Ruogood Product

Educational projectors
Educational Projector

Support short-distance screen casting; Interactive projection, support projection screen touch interaction;

Home projector
Home Projector

Cost-effective and cheap; Strong decoding ability, support 8K video decoding; It can work continuously for more than 4 hours.

Office projector
Office Projector

High resolution; High lumens; Clear picture quality; It can support a variety of pictures and image decoding

Entertainment venue projector
Entertainment venue projector

Long service life; Strong decoding ability, support 8K decoding; Supports short-range projection

Smart projector
Smart Projector Manufacturer in China

If you are in this industry, choose Ruogood as your supplier in China.

  • The technology is very good, the salesman is very patient to answer our professional questions, and look forward to cooperating with Ruogood.

  • The customized products are very much in line with the needs of our market and are ready to return again

  • The product quality is very good, and the after-sales service is guaranteed. You can try their free consultation and then trust you to choose Ruogood



Pay attention to the order of power switches

Correctly switching on and off the power of the projector has a great impact on the service life of the projector lamp and the internal accessories of the projector. If the power supply of the projector is turned off, then the projector lamp and the power supply of the projector circuit part may be turned off together, so that the cooling fan inside the projector stops working due to the power failure, resulting in the projection bulb and a large amount of heat generated during the work of the projector can not be discharged out through the cooling fan in time, which is likely to cause the projector to explode, damage the internal circuit board and use the projector can not work normally.

There should be a certain interval of time after shutting down and then turning it on

When the projector switches from the power on state to the off state, there should be at least 5 minutes of heat dissipation time at least 5 minutes apart. Because the power supply of the projector adopts the method of switching power supply to the mains power to reduce and stabilize the voltage, stabilize the power processing, in the frequent start-up, shutdown switching operation, the projector power supply used high-power switch tube and transformer are working at a higher frequency, the switch tube in the frequent switching process will produce considerable power consumption, these lost power will be transferred into heat dissipation, so that the temperature inside the projector rises; Coupled with the heat emitted by the bulb itself gathered in the small space inside the projector, the sudden change in temperature can easily cause the projector bulb to explode; In addition, frequently turning on and off the power of the projector will also produce a large current impact on the projection bulb, which can easily lead to damage to the projection bulb; It can also damage components in the circuit.

Dust regularly

During the use of the projector, it is often necessary to install a hanging box suspended in the air, which is easy to accumulate a large amount of dust, which can easily lead to overheating protection in half an hour of the projector and cannot be turned on.

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