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PCBA Size / PCBA Ports / Specified Material / Define Function

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  • AOSP+ONU box
  • AOSP+ONU box-0
  • AOSP+ONU box-5
  • AOSP+ONU box-6
  • AOSP+ONU box-7

PCBA Development

OS: Android 9.0 Pie Above
CPU: Allwinner /Amlogic / RockChip (Option)
GPU: (Option)
Memory: 1G / 2G / 4G …(Option)
Flash: 8G /16G  64G…(Option)
WiFi: 2.4G / 2.4G&5G
BT: 4.2 / 5.0(Option)
In the tank: PCBA Size / PCBA Ports / Specified Material / Define Function

Customization Instructions

As long as you tell us which chip to use, what is the budget, and what are the special requirements. Our related team will evaluate you, and a professional evaluation report will be formed after three working days. It Saves you time and costs, and strive for a greater advantage in the project competition. Welcome to inquire.

Customized PCBA

PCBA Ports
Specified Material
Define Function

Production Process

Our company’s products hold a prenatal meeting before production to inform the production requirements and technical requirements of the product, and there are three tests in production: trial production testing, online sampling inspection, and offline testing, and the full packaging inspection should be done before packaging. All tests are uniformly tested according to the corresponding test standards.

production process


We can design the motherboard according to customer requirements. After the customer puts forward the design requirements, our team will evaluate the feasibility of the scheme according to the design requirements, and put forward optimization suggestions for the customer’s reference according to the requirements. After integrating the suggestions of both parties, the final feasible plan is formed. Ensure that the products produced can meet the needs of customers and market needs.

Customize the process
Customize The Process
  • The quality of this project is very reassuring, and every detail is taken seriously, ensuring that the final result meets the client’s requirements.

    Indonesian Customers
  • The quality of this project is outstanding, from the production process to the final result, reflecting a high level of professional skills and rigorous working attitude

    Indian Customers
  • The project did not go very well at first, and several suppliers were selected, and finally Ruogood Technology Company was selected. Fortunately, we chose the right one, product quality, price, service, these all ensure our absolute advantage in the market

    Pakistani Customers


What is PCBA?

PCBA is the abbreviation of English Printed Circuit Board Assembly, that is, the PCB blank board through SMT loading, or through the entire process of DIP plug-in, referred to as PCBA.

Printed circuit board, also known as printed circuit board, printed circuit board, often used English abbreviation PCB (Printed circuit board), is an important electronic component, is the support of electronic components, is the provider of electronic component line connection. Because it is made using electronic printing technology, it is called a “printed” circuit board.


PCB board quality judgment method

1. The size and thickness of the PCB board must be consistent with the specified appearance size and thickness, and there must be no deviation. The surface of the circuit board is free of defects, deformation, peeling, scratches, open circuit, short circuit, oxidized white, yellow, unclean or excessive etching marks, free of dirt, copper particles and other impurities.

2. The ink overlay layer is uniform, bright, no peeling, scratches, copper dew, deviation, printing plate and other phenomena.

3. The symbols and letters in screen printing are clear, without omission and blurring, reversal, deviation and other undesirable phenomena.

4. The carbon film shall not have defects, deviations, short circuits, open circuits, printing and other phenomena.

5. PCB bottom plate forming, no leakage, deviation, hole collapse, piercing, plug, beer explosion, beer reverse, crush injury and other phenomena.

6. Whether the edge of the PCB is smooth, if it is a V-shaped cutting process, you should pay attention to whether the V-shaped cutting groove causes wire breakage, whether the two sides are symmetrical, etc.

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