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Ruogood offers OTT box manufacturing, which can manufacture boxes according to your exact needs.

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OTT (Over The Top) means that TV programs are transmitted to TV over the Internet. After purchasing, consumers can watch various programs such as online video, live HDTV, movies, variety shows, and sports through the Internet. Compared with traditional set-top boxes (DVBT2, DVBTS, etc.), OTT boxes have the advantages of massive content and ultra-clear picture quality, so they are welcomed by consumers. Ruogood is committed to the production and research and development of OTT boxes with 4K picture quality, and has served more than 100 foreign enterprises. Rich experience in OEM & ODM. Willing to provide partners with better picture quality and stronger overall solutions.

Features of OTT Box


There is a huge amount of content.



Ultra-clear image quality.


Third-party broadcast control software can be installed.


Play multi-copyright audio and video multimedia content.

Excellent Integration Capabilities

Excellent solution integration capabilities, can provide a complete solution of main control, WiFi, power management (PMU) chips.

In terms of main control.we have cooperated with three major brands:
(amlogic S928X/A311D2/S922X/S905X4/S905X3/S905X/S905Y4/S905W2/S905W…)
(rockchip RK3528/RK3566/RK3588… )
(allwnner/H313/H616/H618… )

Excellent Integration Capabilities
Complete Solution

Complete Solution

We can provide complete solutions for the customer’s target market, including the integration of various DRMs.

Scenario Advantages

1. Strong decoding
Support common video format 720P/1080P(Above), HD decoding, common audio format decoding (Support sample rate 48Khz).
Full format decoding (Max resolution 2.5M pixels)
2. Strong compatibility
Support AV in/AV out, support Mic in/Line in/i2S
3. Multi-function:
Support collection function, support encryption card, support local music, video, radio, album, recording, support network video, etc.

Scenario Advantages

Why Choose Ruogood


We have a R&D team consisting of 25 experienced and experienced engineers.

1. We cooperate with the original chipset company and get technical support directly.

2.We can get new chip information at the first time, make good predictions and seize the market.

3. We have 8 software engineers with 10+ years of experience in full serial Android box chipsets, It means We can do second SDK development to meet the different industrial application requirements.

4. We have 12 Hardware engineers, that’s means we can design the PCB layout and Schematic diagram design. Lead time for a new project of 15-20 days helps you save time and R&D costs.

5.We have 5 structural engineers, which means We always offer 2-3 private molds for each of the STB box models to make a difference for different marketing needs avoid conflict, and make a profit.

Ruogood:OTT Box Manufacturer in China

Freely Combine Custom Lists
Freely Combine Custom Lists
The main part Other configurations
enclosure WiFi hotspot
HDMI interface (2.0/2.1/2.2 ) Power switch
Component Interface (3RCA) Power LED
AV interface Operating System (Andriod)
Digital coaxial interface Multi-screen interaction (DLNA Airplay Miracast)
RJ45 wired interface App Market
External antenna App installer
SATA interface File browser
USB interface Multiple resolution options
Power input connector remote control
PCBA module 3D features
Microphone interface Multiple video formats
SD card/TF card interface Multiple audio formats
Fiber interface Multi-subtitle format
Reset button Multi-video decoding
3.5mm audio interface Multiple image format support


2.L1  Widewine.

3.Boot image, Boot animation, Launcher, User Interface , APP preload.

4. ID(Industrial Design).

5.MD(Mechanic Design).

Part of the OTT box

On demand
On demand

Play the video of the show according to your choice

Look back

You can watch it on TV. For example, if you miss a TV series at seven o’clock, you can click back to watch it

Other value-added items
Other value-added items

For example, games, online videos, Online shopping mall,etc

OTT Platform
  • From samples to small batch trial production, Ruogood’s service attitude is very good, ready to place orders in bulk, I suggest you try their free consulting services, maybe it will change your mind.

  • Ruogood has been in the Android box industry for many years, and technology has always been at the forefront of the market.

  • There are many shoddy ones on the market that attract low prices, and Ruogood does a good job in this regard, and will not steal materials or reduce configuration.



Smart TVs can be installed with software, why buy OTT boxes?

If the Android bottom layer of the TV system is low or the memory is insufficient to meet the needs of the latest APP, you can consider connecting an external OTT box and continue to use the TV screen.

Which OTT box to buy for gaming?

First of all, consider the hardware, the minimum configuration of 2+16. The Gigabit network port is recommended to be directly connected with a CAT6 network cable to connect the router, and the Gigabit network port to access the cloud gaming platform server is more stable.Ruogood’s Amlogic s905x4/Amlogic s905x3 and other boxes are your good choice.

Is the OTT box selected based on the program source?

The software is easy to do, the hardware configuration is enough, and the APP can be installed and run smoothly.

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