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Ruogood offers IPTV box manufacturing, which can manufacture boxes according to your exact needs.

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IPTV (Internet Protocol Television), that is, to provide a variety of digital media services, including television programs, through the Internet protocol. IPTV is a three-network integrated operation of telecommunication networks, radio and television networks, and The Internet. Therefore, IPTV BOX is a medium used by content operators, network operators, etc. to achieve content presentation, and to some extent, it is temporarily inseparable. This way, the program content, network, and users can be connected to form an industrial chain.

Ruogood has carried out in-depth cooperation with various operators. According to your budget or your usage expectations, in-depth configuration can be carried out to adapt your solution from hardware and software. Or provide you with professional technical consultation and services from our field.

Ruogood provides you with IPTV box OEM & ODM services in a professional way. We are a company with more than ten years of industry experience. Has rich experience in cooperating with many large foreign operators. Here we guarantee to get the IPTV/OTT box at a reasonable price, welcome to call or online consultation.

IPTV Box Series

Amlogic Series

Amlogic S905X / X3 / X4 / Y4 / W2 /

Amlogic S922X / A311D2 / S982X

Allwinner Series

Allwinner H313 / H616 / H618


RockChip Series

RockChip RK3528 / RK3566 / RK3588


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Features of IPTV

Continuous video streaming

with professionally produced content (e.g. from a television broadcast network)


Multiple live channels

Hundreds of channels that don’t stop, broadcast continuously

Uniform content form

All channels share one compression method and use the same bitrate

Private network

Transmit over a private network

How to choose a scenario

1. Understand the spending power and preferences of your target customer group, which will be the basic standard for you to determine your budget.

2. Determine your application scenarios and technical requirements, such as: whether DTS or DOLBY, whether you need to support Blu-ray 3D video, whether you support TV games, whether you support multi-screen interaction, whether you support rich extended applications, etc.

3. Whether there is a target chip and whether the memory size is expected; What are the resolution requirements; What are the requirements for the interface.

If you do not have a clear plan, our company can consult for free and provide you with a written professional plan within three paydays. Welcome to leave a message for consultation.

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How to choose a chip

Chip is an important indicator to determine product performance, need to be considered, there are the following electromechanical for your reference how to choose:

1. what brand of chip.

2.What is the main frequency.

3.Whether dual-core.

4.How much memory.

5.How big is the storage space.

6.WiFi reception, etc.

Why Choose Ruogood


We have a R&D team consisting of 25 experienced and experienced engineers.

1. We cooperate with the original chipset company and get technical support directly.

2. We can get new chip information at the first time, make good predictions and seize the market.

3. We have 8 software engineers with 10+ years of experience in full serial Android box chipsets, It means We can do second SDK development to meet the different industrial application requirements.

4. We have 12 Hardware engineers, that’s means we can design the PCB layout and Schematic diagram design. Lead time for a new project of 15-20 days helps you save time and R&D costs.

5.We have 5 structural engineers, which means We always offer 2-3 private molds for each of the STB box models to make a difference for different marketing needs avoid conflict, and make a profit.

Ruogood:IPTV Box Fabrication Manufacturer in China

Advantages and Features

No delay, no stuttering: give you a good viewing experience

Strong decoding ability: H.264/H.265/VP9 and other formats can be decoded

Fast response speed: change the station, on-demand will respond as soon as you press, and the jump speed is within one second.

Image & Graphic Display: Supports multiple formats

Configurable multicast:Multicast solves the defect that unicast mode is “packaged” on the source host many times and repeatedly “delivered” on the network, which is extremely consuming server resources and network resources, and also solves the defect that the broadcast mode lacks sufficient security mechanisms (only can be received by joining the group) and consumes the bandwidth of the transmission link.

ruogood iptv box
Custom Projects

With skilled and experienced staff, combined with our full dedication, we can provide customized services.

Our production projects include:

1.Software customization

2.Hardware customization

3.Specify customization


5.PCBA customization

Part of the IPTV box

live tv
Live TV

Collect and organize your own live broadcast sources, through which you can freely customize various high-quality live channels, and you are extremely free in content and almost unrestricted.

On demand
On demand

Play the video of the show according to your choice

Look back

You can watch it on TV. For example, if you miss a TV series at seven o’clock, you can click back to watch it

Other value-added items
Other value-added items

For example, games, online videos, Online shopping mall,etc

iptv boxs
IPTV Box Manufacturer

Our team specializes in set-top box manufacturing. If you are in this industry, choose Ruogood as your supplier in China.

  • Ruogood is professional and easy to work wite! I am satisfied with their service and technical solutions. I look forward to working with your team

  • Ruogood has it all experienced how quality and satisfying their services are. You should also try their overall offers!

  • The engineering technology is very strong, the proposed scheme is feasible and cost-effective, and I look forward to working with their team



Live on-demand cards, flower screens ?

Solution: First check whether multiple live broadcasts or individual live broadcasts are stuttered or splashed. If it is multiple live broadcasts, check the network first, most of them are access network problems; A single live broadcast may not have enough network bandwidth to support users to watch some programs with too high a bitrate. Another reason is that the program or channel is stuttering, splashing screen, which is most likely a problem of the program source.

The user cannot log in ?

Solution: If the new user cannot log in, check the network and account, check whether the home broadband can access the Internet normally, and whether the access account and service account are normal; Old users suddenly cannot log in, check the network, and whether the business account is in arrears.

Live black screen ?

Solution: The HD channel is black, which is not enough bandwidth; A single channel has a black screen, most of which is the source of the live program is cut off; All black screen, if under the same PON mouth, change the light cat. Replace the set-top box to see if the live stream is normal.

No image has sound, there is image without sound ?

Solution: The fault may be that the connection between the TV and the set-top box is not normal.

The sound and image are out of sync ?

Solution: Possible causes of the obstacle: Chip source problem or set-top box failure.

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