How powerful is the RockChip RK3588 6Tops NPU arithmetic?


First let’s understand what TOPs are?

TOPS stands for Tera Operations Per Second, and 1TOPS means that the processor can perform one trillion (10^12) operations per second. Then 6Tops means the processor can perform six trillion (10^12) operations per second.

The 6Tops NPU computing power of RK3588 empowers all kinds of AI scenarios, providing various possibilities for local offline AI computation and complex video streaming computation in complex scenarios. So how can 6Tops arithmetic power image description, the following we through rockchip RK3588 edge computing four representative of the AI application concretization, image arithmetic power performance:

1.Magic Eraser Technology

Through the powerful end-side AI arithmetic, the server side of the AI eraser technology on the end side of the optimization implementation, the use of super-strong AI calculations to generate a complementary picture on the part of the erased, consumes less than 1 second, completely offline to protect privacy.

2.AI live magic weapon

When the anchor is playing the game, the anchor can be keyed and superimposed on the background of the game, so that the audience can see the anchor’s movements and expressions and minimize the blocking of the screen. This technology does not require a background green screen when used, the equipment is simple and quick to build, providing a richer experience for the live broadcast industry.


3.AI video real-time enhancement technology

It utilizes the super computing power of NPU to enhance the video with a resolution of 480P-1080P to 2K-4K quality, and can be presented in real time in front of the user’s eyes. This technology can support any network video application, in the case of lower resolution, lower bit rate, still can make the user through the technology to watch high quality network video.

2k TO 4K

4.rockchip RK3588 Array Server

Single board supports up to 32GB, the chassis supports up to 96 RK3588, in terms of performance, data protection, reliability, availability, etc., are to achieve an excellent match, so that more virtualization services possible.

Array servers

What’s more, while decoding 100 channels of D1@30fps, it can realize at least 24 channels x 8 frames of perimeter algorithm for real-time video analysis.


With the popularization of 5G, AI and other technologies, new types of services such as edge real-time computing, analytics and edge intelligence are emerging. Since edge computing reduces the amount of data uploaded to the cloud, it puts forward higher requirements for edge computing efficiency, reliability and resource utilization, the core of which lies in the chip processing power of the device, and the Ruogood RK3588 will become the preferred solution for edge computing at the moment.

Industrial computer

Ruogood’s RK3588 development board has been completed, which can provide you with a reliable and cooperative solution, which can speed up your project development and gain more precious time for your product market.

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