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Frequently Asked Questions about Ruogood

About OEM&ODM Questions

What Does Ruogood provide OEM &ODM Success Cases?

Ruogood offer OEM&ODM solution for different industrial such as video game , digital signage ,advertisement player ,IP TV ,ISP broadcast streaming, server .telecommunication ,operator.

What does Ruogood OEM&ODM Solution Offer ?

Ruogood provides one-stop service system.Our OEM&ODM Services including but not limited:
PCBA Design

Housing/ ID design

Rebrand name

Customize firmware

What is the OEM&ODM project process of Ruogood?

Put forward requirements, technical evaluation, business communication, contract signing, project implementation, sample determination and production。

What's the Lead time for OEM&ODM Solution ?

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Technique Ealuate (hardware & software ) 1-2days
ID housing 3D Graphic Design : 5-7days
Design Schematic: 5-7days
PCB Layout: 7-10days
SMT for PCBA: 1-2Days
Testing Verify : 3-5Days
Open mold /Tooling : 25-30days

Finished sample for verify

About Before - sales Questions

Why does the same chip and casing with different prices?

Because of the same chip and casing, there will be different configurations, such as RAM supports 1G/2G/4G, ROM supports 8G/16G/32G/64G, and wireless has a single-band or dual-band. The wired network has 100M or Gigabit Net. All these configurations will affect the cost, so the price will be different.


Is there a standard product available in the Ruogood?

Yes, we usually have 200-300 units in stock for each model, so that we can deliver them in time when you need them urgently.

How long will it take for the stock to be sold?

3to 10 days

what's the sample policy?

Regarding the sample fee we have two options:
1. We can provide free samples, but you need to pay the freight
2. We charge the sample fee first, but it will be deducted from your bulk order

About after-sales Questions

How long is the warranty?

Usually, we provide a one-year warranty, but it can also be extended to 2 years if there are special needs.

How does Ruogood ensure the quality of the products?

Because Ruogood has advanced production equipment and strict management and production system, it checks at every level to ensure the quality of the ex-factory products.

Who can help with after-sales service?

You can contact the corresponding salesman, or you can contact our after-sales service center directly , we will reply to you as soon as possible .

How to upgrade the software?

You can upgrade online through OTA, or manually flash through the flashing tool. We will provide relevant instructions

How to choose a box

How to choose a product that you need?

1. Look at the configuration
It is recommended to choose the Internet TV box using the Android system, so that all kinds of software and games can be installed, so that the functionality and playability of the box are greatly enhanced.
2. After-sales service
Electronic products, after-sales is an important aspect to consider.
3. Networking
Using boxes to watch video, broadband is also a very important factor.
4. Additional Features
Today’s TV boxes generally support multi-screen sharing protocols such as AirPlay and DLNA, support remote control, and support the installation of various APP expansion functions. At this time, you need to look at the additional functions of the box, such as whether it supports the AV interface of the old TV.

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