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Digital signage player + Monitor = New Advertising Player

Do you have such doubts?

Difficult to Edit

Advertising content editing is difficult, and simple text editing cannot attract the crowd. The content is uninteresting, unengaging, and the ads are useless.

Difficult to Maintain

Advertising points are scattered and difficult to manage; Minor problems must be solved on-site; Difficult to update content; Live publishing is not possible.

No Result

The crowd is uncertain and there is no target for delivery; The time is uncontrollable and cannot be updated in time; Content is not innovative and does not attract crowds.

Fast equipment obsolescence

The system cannot be updated; The software is not forward-looking; Maybe the cost confiscation back is eliminated by the market.

Ruogood 's software

1. Real-time monitoring remote management
You can view the playback status of any device at any time, take screenshots to monitor, and facilitate the management and monitoring of the playback of each device.

Text, icons, animations, video, audio information and other information are freely edited into advertisements and published in the form of advertisements.

3.Centralized management
Through network control, there is no need for on-site processing, so that different venues, different groups of people, and different time periods can play different advertising information content.Software upgrades can also be operated remotely, eliminating the need for manual presence。

4.Screen segmentation
At the same time, a variety of information combinations such as audio and video, pictures, and letters are played, so that any position of videos, pictures, and subtitles can be freely adjusted, which solves the contradiction that only advertising attention is reduced or only entertainment programs have no advertising value.

5.Publish in real time
Instantly publish emergency information, emergencies, interstitial media files, and more.

Remote control
Ruogood's hardware

Ruogood's hardware

1. Timing switch on and off.

2. Independent design, plug and play, no virus infection, good stability.

3. Strong decoding ability
Video: RMVB, FLV, MPEG1/2/4, AVI, DIVX, XDIV,WMV9,H.264,H. 2 6 5,VC-1,MOV,MKV,MP4,TS,M2T,VOB (4K@60fps H.265decoder, 4K@30fps H.264 Video decoder);
Audio:MP3, WMA, WAV, AC3, FLAC (losslessaudio), BSAC;

4.2.4G/5GWiFi + 5.0BT

5.CPU : Quad Core ARM Cortex A53 @1.5G

6.GPU : G31

7.DDR3  2G    EMMC  16G(Optional)

8.Android 10.0 (above)

Other Advantages

1. The number can be purchased according to needs, unlimited increase, and the playback content of each point is independently edited.

2. The intranet does not need a server, and the LAN can build its own server, or rent our company’s server.

3. Lifetime use of control software.

4. Not only can you play ads, but you can also online, live broadcast, rearview, movies, etc. at your leisure.

5.Support for secondary development.

6.Digital signage player + Monitor = New Advertising Player


Peripheral interfaces
Peripheral interfaces

1.All kinds of advertising screens

2.card readers

3.keyboards and mice


5.TF cards


Standard configuration
Standard configuration

D igital signage player * 1

power supply * 1

remote control *1


IR (Optional)

digital signage player interface
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What if the digital signage player gets splashed?

1. The power cord or plug is damaged
2. This product is splashed with conductive liquid.
3. The product is dropped or the product shell is seriously damaged
4. If the product has unknown errors or obvious performance changes, it cannot be eliminated after conventional fault guidelines

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