Cloud Print

Cloud printing company supplier

Integration of advantages to achieve common interests

Cloud printing is to integrate software (development platform) + hardware (different brands of printing equipment) + services (various custom value-added services) to achieve remote and efficient printing! Cloud printing works by printing text/pictures and other information through smart devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, notebooks, etc., while cloud printing companies will also provide some value-added services according to the needs of customer users.

Our company integrates its own professional advantages to provide some hardware equipment and some software cooperation for cloud printing companies.

1.Software cooperation

Post-fusion PCBA (AOSP+ONU) available


2. Platform software jointly developed with cloud printing company (partial)

Cloud Print

The advantages of cooperation with our company:

1. The cost of PCBA after integration is reduced by 60% (depending on what chip is used)

2. It can provide AOSP technical advantages and realize the leapfrog development of set-top boxes.

3. In terms of software, it can save the development time of cloud printers and achieve a win-win situation for both parties.


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