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Powerful after fusion, simple after fusion

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  • AOSP+ONU box
  • AOSP+ONU box-0
  • AOSP+ONU box-5
  • AOSP+ONU box-6
  • AOSP+ONU box-7
  • OTA Update


OS: Android 9.0 Pie Above
CPU: Allwinner /Amlogic / RockChip (Option)
GPU:  (Option)
Memory:  2G / 4G (Option)
Flash: 16G  64G(Option)
WiFi: 2.4G / 2.4G&5G
BT: 4.2 / 5.0
Power: DC in Jack

Customization instructions

If you have such a need, our company only needs you to provide what kind of optical modem, what model, what AOSP chip to use. Our company will evaluate the feasibility of the plan within three working days. And optimize the recommendations in the needs you provide. This gives you a greater advantage in tendering or project engineering. Welcome to inquire

Powerful after fusion, simple after fusion

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Network Optional
Bands Optional
I/O Optional
OS Optional


1. 1=1+1+…

2. There are mature solutions to verify in different cities, you can call at any time to consult.

3. Strive for the greatest cost advantage in the project competition.



4G/5G network optional. It is recommended to choose 5G

5G network parameters:

Support up to 2.63 Gbps downlink. Uplink 287 Mbps

FDD Bands: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 12, 13,18,19,20,25, 26,28, 66, 71

TDD Bands: 38, 41

WCDMA Bands: 1, 6, 8, 19

5G NR Band: n78, n41, n77


1*HDMI          4K UHD Output HDMI 2.1  (8K*4K UHD Option)

2*USB              1*USB 3.0 type-C       1*USB2.0

Optical              SPDIF

2*RJ45             1*100M      1*1000M (Option)

1*SD CARD      Micro SD Card



central processing unit     Qualcomm

Ethernet*2                  1000Mbps LAN output

antenna                     External antenna,External eight-range antenna for Wi-Fi

wireless network            IEEE 802.11   b / g / n / ac / ax

Application Scenarios

Outdoor cinema
Watch TV

Outdoors, you can also stream videos, watch movies online, broadcast live programs online, etc.

Wireless base station
Wireless Routing

Easy and fast

Advertising screen
Cloud Advertising

No cabling is required, no need to install again. To change ads or stream videos, you need to remote control through the APP.

Cloud Print
Cloud Print

The emergence of cloud printing overcomes the limitations of the geographical location of traditional printers and realizes wireless remote printing at any time in the true sense, such as you are in city A, the printer is in city B, and you can still remotely control the printer through the APP. The advantage of cloud printer is not limited by distance and time, remote remote wireless printing technology brings convenience to our life and work, this experience mainly explains how cloud printer is networked, and how to set up the use of related matters.

Customize the process
Customize the Process
  • Our company integrated the specified ONU on Allwinner 313 and Amlogic Y4, and finally chose Allwinner 313 to integrate with the specified ONU because of the customer’s specification, which is very cost-effective. Jogood’s technology and product quality deserve recognition.

    Indian Customers
  • “I learn much from you and the rest of the team at Ruogood”,I wish we could have been more successful.

    Korean Customers
  • “I will give first priority to your product”

    Indonesian Customers
  • The government project required a lot of equipment, and the equipment chassis reserved space was not enough, and finally thought of the integration of multiple equipment, and the engineers in Ruogood did it. It also gives us a great advantage

    Thai Customers
  • In order to have a competitive advantage, reduce costs. A box that is developed in a targeted manner according to the needs of the project. The technology is very good and the product quality is reliable.

    Southeast Asian Customers


What is AOSP+ONU Box?

It is the TV set-top box + optical modem routing.The purpose is to realize the function of multiple devices in one box, reduce costs, simplify construction, etc

AOSP+ONU Boxes are Used in those Industries?

Commercial displays, advertising machines, vending machines, etc

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