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Ruogu focuses on Android TV dongles to provide you with a different entertainment experience

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  • dongle_pcba_case
  • android TV dongle-1
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  • android TV dongle-7
  • TV Dongle
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Advantages of Ruogood TV dongle

Ruogood is the source TV dongle manufacturer, with more than 10 years of R&D and production experience, can ensure the qualification of each product sold. The products produced are composed of the following characteristics.

  • Excellent decoding ability
  • Simple operation
  • Strong compatibility
  • Quality assurance

What is Android TV Dongle

Android TV dongle is a USB stick-like smart device with an HDMI interface that plugs directly into a large-screen device to make it a smart TV or Android tablet.

Plug it into the HDMI interface of the TV, and the ordinary TV becomes a smart TV, which can watch movies, surf the Internet, play games, listen to music, etc. Simply put, the combination of smart TV stick and TV, with a universal mouse and keyboard, is equivalent to a large-screen Android tablet. AndroidTVdongle is sometimes called a handle, used with Android devices to bring a good experience to Android devices and make up for the shortcomings of Android TV devices in the operation process.

Ruogood focuses on TV Dongle to provide you with a different entertainment system

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Advantages of Android TV dongle

● Lightweight and portable.
● High speed and smooth performance, ideal for home entertainment, home theater, commercial use, etc.
● Quickly access entertainment, get answers, and control devices in your home with a voice remote.
● Built-in Chromecast makes it easy to cast photos, videos, and music from your phone, tablet, or laptop to your TV. Enjoy big-screen entertainment.
● Support HDR10+, HDR10, HLG HDR processing, witness scenes, characters come to life, contrast, color, and clarity are very vivid.
Easily access vast amounts of original content from the Android ecosystem, including YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and more.
● Support timely OTA updates.

  • Android 11
  • Quad Core ARM Cortex A35
  • ARM Mali-G31 MP2
  • AV1/VP9/H.265
  • 2.4G/5G   802.11ac
  • L1
Allwenner H313
Allwener H313
  • Android 10.0
  • Quad Core ARM Cortex A53
  • G31 OPenGL3.2
  • AV1/VP9/H.265
  • IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Amlogic S905W2
Amlogic S905W2
  • Android 11
  • Quad Core ARM Cortex A35
  • Mali-G31 MP2
  • AV1/VP9/H.265
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Android TV Dongle with Spirituality

Print your Company Logo

Standard or customized products can be silk printed with logo


Customized Packaging

Standard or customized products can be customized according to needs, including appearance, color, etc

Software Customization

Produce and develop targeted software according to your needs

Multiple Choices

Standard and customized products can be diversified according to your budget and needs for you to choose from

Component Guarantee

TV sticks consist of hundreds of electronic components. Main componentsOur company uses first-line brand components in the market

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Standardization of Production

Each product has a standard production process, production personnel, quality inspection personnel, assurance personnel, etc. need to operate in accordance with the standard, and illegal operations are prohibited.

The Products Comply with International Standards

By cooperating with customers in different countries, our products comply with a number of certification standards. During the certification process, the customer passed the certification very smoothly. This indirectly proves the quality and performance of our products


Advantages of Ruogood

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android TV dongle-10

Advantages of Ruogood

  • The latest chip products are produced regularly every year to maintain market demand and product vitality.
  • Continuous learning, maintain technological leadership, and meet the technical needs of different customers.
  • There is the support of the chip factory

Custom Made

custom made
Standardized Production

Strictly control all aspects of production, produce according to standards, and ensure that the quality of the factory is guaranteed

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Diversified Cooperation Models
  •  Support standard shipment
  • Support on-demand ordering
  • Support personalized production

Application Scenario Instance


Watch TV, movies, news, and even games online


If the office monitor supports HDMI, after plugging in the smart TV stick, it can become an Android computer that can work, send and receive emails, instant messaging software, Office document processing, etc


Using the Smart TV Stick, it is very easy to see some replays of the outing on the TV


Play online and offline games to enrich your leisure time

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Android TV Dongle Manufacturer

Ruogood focuses on Android TV Dongle to provide you with a different entertainment system

A glimpse of the factory

  • Good working attitude, enthusiasm, proactive, able to serve customers in a timely manner, regardless of personal gains and losses, with dedication.

    Evaluation from a Customer in the United States
  • At least five years of experience in the industry, know the current market situation, understand customer needs, and understand some business operations and service paths.

    Evaluation from a Japanese Customer
  • Track the implementation of processing results until the customer responds satisfactorily

    Evaluation of a customer in Southeast Asia

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Why is Amazon's Android TV Dongle so cheap?

The Android TV Dongle should not only focus on its appearance, but also require a specific understanding of its configuration.

What was Ruogood's predecessor doing?

Solution development.

How long does it take for a 10K order to be shipped?

20 to 25 days

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