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Ruogood focuses on TV boxes to provide you with a different entertainment system
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  • android TV Box
  • android TV Box 0
  • android tv box 1
  • android TV Box 3
  • android TV Box 6
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Advantages of Ruogood TV Box

We have a R&D team consisting of 25 experienced and experienced engineers. So far, our customers include telecom operators, cable operators, hotels, schools, residences, retailers and other customers from different industries. We can do the following:

  • Hardware design and software customization (e.g. driver porting, kernel modification, etc.)
  • Integrate new technologies into our products.
  • Open root permissions, compatible with customer APP and other application requirements

Let’s discuss innovations in the multimedia field

What is Android TV Box

Android TV box will be the traditional TV box with Google launched Android system, through the Internet connection, make the TV become a smart platform with smart phones, tablet computers, the network and TV combined, into a new entertainment system is a simplified computer equipment, in addition to the traditional TV box function, but also allow the TV to achieve web browsing, video movie viewing, chat office games, etc

Ruogood focuses on TV boxes to provide you with a different entertainment system

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The high level of integration ensures a good balance of size, performance, power consumption and price. Amlogic can provide customers with overall solutions based on Android system, Qt system and HTML5 standard, helping customers quickly develop market-leading products

The chip is a very important part of the TV box, and the performance of the chip determines the performance of the TV box.

Amlogic S928X
  • Android 11
  • Cortex-A76/A55
  • Mali-G57 GPU
  • AV1/VP9/H.265
Amlogic S922X
  • Android 11
  • Quad core ARM Cortex-A73 and dual core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU
  • ARM Mali-G52MP6(6EE) GPU
  • AV1/VP9/H.265/h.264
Amlogic A311D2
  • Android 11
  • Quad-core Cortex-A73  Quad-core Cortex-A53
  • Mali-G52 MP8 (8EE)
  • AV1/VP9/H.265
Amlogic S905Y4
  • Android 11
  • Quad Core ARM Cortex A35
  • ARM Mali-G31 MP2
  • AV1/VP9/H.265
  • 2.4G/5G   802.11ac
  • L1
Amlogic S905X3
  • Android 9.0
  • 64-bit quad core ARM® Cortex™ A55 CPU
  • G31™ MP2 GPU processor
  • VP9/H.265/H.264
Amlogic S905W2
  • Android 11
  • Quad Core ARM Cortex A35
  • Mali-G31 MP2
  • AV1/VP9/H.265
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Ultra-high-definition video codec, high-performance CPU/GPU/AI multi-core integration, high integration of advanced technology, ultra-low power consumption, full-stack integration platform and other aspects to provide system solutions and intimate services with outstanding competitiveness in the market, products are widely used in intelligent hardware, tablet computers, smart home appliances, Internet of Vehicles, robots, virtual reality, network set-top boxes and power analog devices, wireless communication modules, intelligent Internet of Things and other product fields


Rockchip is an integrated circuit design company focusing on intelligent application processor chips, power management chips and other chips

  • Rockchip RK3566
    • Android 11
    • Quad-Core 64bit Cortex-A55
    • Mali-G52-2EE
    • EMMC 16G/32G/64G
  • Rockchip RK3588
    • Android 12
    • quad-core Cortex-A76 and quad-core Cortex-A55
    • ARM Mali-G610 MP4
    • EMMC 32G/64G/128G
  • RockChip RK3258
    • Android 13
    • Full implementation of the ARM V8-A architecture
    • EMMC 16G/32G/64G
    • 2GB/4GB DDR3

TV box with Spirituality

Hardware Design



Software Customize
Driver Porting
Kernel Modification

There is a Strict Management System

A strict and complete quality control system has been established to ensure that each product is strictly inspected before shipment. Therefore, our products have been widely recognized and trusted by users.

Management system
Quality system

Product advantages

Our products have the following advantages:

  1. Excellent decoding ability
  2. Simple operation
  3. Strong compatibility

The Product Quality Meets International Standards

The quality of our products meets international quality standards. In cooperation with customers in different countries, our products assist customers to pass multiple certifications.


We have the following Cooperation Model

  • Support TV box PCBA or SKD shipment
  • ARM embedded OEM/ODM is available
  • Support standard shipment
  • Support on-demand ordering
  • Support personalized production

Advantages of Ruogood

android TV Box 9
Laser engraving machine

Advantages of Ruogood

  • Develop three or more chips annually to maintain product superiority
  • Every year, Ruogood will receive the latest solutions from chip manufacturers as soon as possible
  • Maintain the quantity and quality of R&D personnel annually

Application Scenario Instance

Watch TV
Watch TV

Once you link to the network, you can watch it to your liking

Online learning
Online learning

Online learning has become the main means of learning during the pandemic. Post-pandemic, online learning will complement in-school learning

Home videos
Home Videos

Now that home work is less and more separated, online video will build new communication bridges

Online gaming
Online Gaming

Proper play is beneficial to the development of physical and mental health

Android TV box complete set
Android TV Box Manufacturer

Ruogood focuses on TV boxes to provide you with a different entertainment system

A glimpse of the factory



  • The manufacturer strives for excellence, works diligently, and has excellent product quality

    Evaluation from a Customer in the United States
  • From chip recommendation, to trial production orders, and later batch shipments, Ruogood has done a good job, being meticulous and patient, and the product quality is worthy of recognition

    Evaluation from a Japanese Customer
  • We have collaborated with Ruogood for two years, with an agreed warranty period of one year. If there are any minor issues that come up after two years, Ruogu will still help solve them. There are very few such companies now

    Evaluation of a customer in Southeast Asia

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Why is Amazon's Android TV box so cheap?

The TV box should not only focus on its appearance, but also require a specific understanding of its configuration.

What was Ruogood's predecessor doing?

Solution development.

How long does it take for a 10K order to be shipped?

20 to 25 days

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