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Amlogic S928X

OS: Android 11.0
CPU: Amlogic S928X ARM Cortex-A76+Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A55
GPU: ARM Mali-G57 MC2, 4K GUI OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.2 and OpenCL 2.0
RAM: 4GB (8GB Optional)
ROM: 64GB (128/256 Optional)
Network interface:  10/100/1000 MAC
Bluetooth: Option


The Amlogic S928X is the first 8K UHD smart set-top box SoC that integrates the ARM Cortex-A76, ARM Cortex-A55 and a self-developed neural network processor. Support the world’s mainstream video format 8Kp60 video decoding function – AV1, H.265, VP9, AVS3, AVS2, etc., while supporting 4K GUI, intelligent SR and other functions, providing excellent hardware engine high-end applications for customization.

1. Support ultra-high-definition 8K resolution video hardware decoding, allowing you to enjoy a clearer and more delicate picture experience;
2. Built-in high-performance GPU, support 3D graphics acceleration and VR video playback, make your game and film experience more smooth and real;
3. Built-in independent NPU, providing 4TOPS computing power support to meet the computing power requirements of audio and video scenes, making your artificial intelligence applications more intelligent and efficient;
4. Built-in fourth-generation high-speed running memory interface, support DDR4/LPDDR4/LPDDR4X memory particles, with a wide range of material support lists, stable performance;
5. Support decoding and encoding of multiple audio and video formats, making multimedia applications more rich and diverse;
6. Rich function expansion interface, native support USB, Gigabit network port, PCIE, UART, SPI, PWM and other interfaces, which can fully meet the functional expansion needs of streaming media player products;
7. Support Android and Linux system development, can provide SDK source code to industry customers, convenient for secondary development.


Ruogood's Advantage

S928X Android 11

latest system , enhanced protection of user pricacy

Amlogic S905w2-9

AV1 VP9 H265   NETFLIX   YouTue  Google play   Chrome

S928X Ultra HD

8Kp60 video decoding function – AV1, H.265, VP9, AVS3, AVS2, etc., while supporting 4K GUI, intelligent SR and other functions

S928X dual-band WIFI

Dual WiFi design use 802.11ac technology , faster transmission and more stable signal

S928X heat dissipation

Multiple vents help to dissipate the heat of machine , which is safer and more practical


Products specifically designed for 8K audio and video applications for clearer, more realistic graphics

Amlogic Video Engine (AVE) with dedicated hardware decoders and encoders


AV1 MP-10 @ L6.1 up to 8Kp60

VP9 Profile-2 @ 6.1 up to 8Kp60

H.265 HEVC MP-10 @ L6.1 up to 8Kp60

AVS3 Phase 1 up to 8Kp60

AVS2-P2 Profile up to 8Kp60

H.264 AVC HP @ L5.2 up to 4Kp60

MPEG-4, WMV/VC-1, AVS, MPEG-2, MPEG-1 up to 1080p60

MJPEG and JPEG unlimited pixel resolution decoding (ISO/IEC-10918)

Support multi-video decoder up to 4x 4Kp60


JPEG image encoding up to 4Kp60

H.265 video encoding up to 4Kp60 with low latency

H.264 video encoding up to 4Kp60 with low latency

8th Generation Advanced Amlogic TruLife Image Engine with support for Dolby Vision (optional), HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, and HDR Vivid processing

Support for MP3, AAC, WMA, RM, FLAC, Ogg Vorbis, Opus, SRS Truvolume, Dolby Audio (optional), DTS (optional), and programmable with 7.1/5.1 down-mixing

Low-power VAD

Built-in SPDIF input/output up to 192KHz 16/24/32bit stereo

3x built-in TDM/PCM/I2S ports with TDM/PCM mode up to 48kHz x 32bits x 32ch or 192kHz x 16bits x 16ch and I2S mode up to 384kHz x 32bits x 16ch

Digital microphone PDM input with programmable CIC, LPF, HPF, support up to 8 DMICs

Built-in stereo audio DAC

HDMI 2.1a transmitter including both controller and PHY supporting CEC, Dynamic HDR, and HDCP 2.2/2.3, up to 8Kp60 max resolution output with support for eARC, VRR, QMS, QFT, ALLM, DSC & SBTM

Android 8

Bright Spot

One of the big selling points of the S928X chip is its powerful processing power. Equipped with an octa-core ARM Cortex-A53 CPU, the chip delivers lightning-fast speeds and superior performance for a wide range of multimedia applications. Whether you’re streaming 4K content, playing HD games, or running multiple applications at the same time, the S928X chip ensures you enjoy a smooth, uninterrupted experience.

Amlogic S905w2-21
Amlogic S905w2-20


With the popularity of 8K ultra-high-definition video, the demand for high-performance, high-definition video players is increasing, and users’ requirements for visual experience are getting higher and higher. 8K streaming media player has high market potential and broad market prospects. Ruogood’s application development of S928X chip has been completed, and customized projects can be implemented according to customer needs, reducing R&D risks and accelerating product landing.

If you have such needs, you can contact Ruogood customer service at any time to provide free project evaluation and consultation.

Customer Testimonials

After cooperating with Ruogood Company, some comments from some customers about their experience. Hope it helps

Dubai Customers

The S928X gives me a new horizon experience, and what I could only experience in the theater before, I can now experience at home. A home entertainment product worth having.

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