Allwinner H616
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  • Allwinner H616-1
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Allwinner H616

OS: Android 10.0
CPU: Allwinner H616 Quad Core ARM Cortex A53
GPU: G31 OPenGL3.2
Memory: DDR3:4GB
Flash: eMMC:32GB/64GB
WiFi: IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ac
Moudle: Plastic : Black Color
Power: DC 5V/2A;LED indicator,Working :Blue; Standby:Red


Allwinner H616 chip is a high-performance SoC chip developed for smart home, smart security, smart home and other fields, which can provide excellent computing and graphics processing capabilities. At the same time, it comes with a multimedia engine, supporting a variety of multimedia formats, as well as mainstream video decoding and encoding standards.

1. CPU frequency up to 1.8GHz;
2. The GPU has 6 execution units and a maximum frequency of 820MHz, which can provide excellent 2D and 3D graphics processing capabilities, support OpenGL ES 3.2, OpenCL 2.0 and other mainstream graphics standards, and also support a new generation of API-Vulkan, which can provide a more realistic gaming experience;
3. TV CVBS output, supporting PAL/NTSC;
4. Support DDR4/DDR3/DDR3L/LPDDR3/LPDDR4 interface, supporting maximum capacity of 4GB;
5. SupportSD3.0/eMMC5.0 interface;
6.8-bit Nand flash interface with maximum 80-bit/1 KB ECC;


Allwinner H616-6

Ruogood's advantage

Allwinner H616-7

Our set-top box has better and more powerful anti shake effect

Allwinner H616-9

Better and faster same screen effect

Allwinner H616-10

Faster internet speed

 Video Engine (AVE) with dedicated hardware decoders and encoders
 Support multi-video decoder up to 4Kx2K@60fps+1x1080P@60fps
 Supports multiple “secured” video decoding sessions and simultaneous decoding and encoding
 Video Decoding
– VP9 Profile 2 up to 4Kx2K@60fps
– H.265 Main10@L5.1 up to 4Kx2K@60fps,or 6K@30fps
– AVS2-P2 Profile up to 4Kx2K@60fps
– H.264 BP/MP/HP@L4.2 up to 4Kx2K@30fps
– H.263 BP up to 1080P@60fps
– MPEG-4 SP/ASP@L5 up to 1080P@60fps (ISO-14496)
– MPEG-2 MP/HL up to 1080P@60fps (ISO-13818)
– MPEG-1 MP/HL up to 1080P@60fps (ISO-11172)
– Xvid up to 1080P@60fps
– Sorenson Spark up to 1080P@60fps
– VP8 up to 1080P@60fps
– AVS/AVS+ JiZhun Profile up to 1080P@60fps
– WMV9/VC1 SP/MP/AP up to 1080P@60fps
– JPEG HFIF file format up to 45MPPS
– Multiple language and multiple format sub-title video support
– MJPEG and JPEG unlimited pixel resolution decoding (ISO/IEC-10918)
– Supports JPEG thumbnail, scaling, rotation and transition effects
– Supports *.mkv,*.wmv,*.mpg, *.mpeg, *.dat, *.avi, *.mov, *.iso, *.mp4, *.rm and *.jpg file formats

Supports MP3, AAC, WMA, RM, FLAC, Ogg and programmable with 7.1/5.1 down-mixing
Audio Codec
-Two audiio digital-to-analog(DAC) channels
-Support 16-bit and 20-bit sample rate
-8kHz to 192kHz DAC sample rate
-95+/-2dB SNR@A-weight,-80+/-dB THD+N,output Level more than 0.55Vrms
-One128*24-bits FIFO for DAC data transmit
built-in TDM/PCM/I2S ports with TDM/PCM mode up to 384kHz x32bits x 8ch or 96kHz x 32bits x 32ch and I2S mode up to 384kHz x 32bits x 8ch
Digital microphone PDM input with programmable CIC, LPF & HPF, support up to 8 DMICs
Built-in stereo audio DAC
Supports concurrent dual audio stereo channel output with combination of analog+PCM or I2S+PCM

3 X USB2.0 Host, 1 x USB2.0 0TG

One 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet port with RGMll and RMll interfaces

One 100Mbps Ethernet port with PHY

SDIO 3.0,TSC,CIR Receiver



Online Browse all video websites,support Netflix,Hulu,Flixster, Youtube, etc.
Apps Apps download freely form android market、amazon app store etc.
Medium Local Media playback,Support HDD, U Disck ,TF Card .
Talk online Support  SKYPE video  call ,MSN , facebook ,twitter ,QQ  etc
Others Support Email,office suit etc.
Support DLNA function
Support 2.4G wireless mouse/keyboard
Allwinner H616-16


Allwinner H616 processor is widely used in domestic and foreign streaming TV boxes, minPC, intelligent screen projection equipment, etc. Wide range of use scenarios. Such as: TV boxes, game consoles, 3D printers, IP phones, intelligent robots, music players, video cameras, payment devices, routers, etc. The usage scenario depends on your creativity and imagination. Ruogood can provide you with free consulting services, welcome to inquire.

Service Support
Security Engine

Security Engine

Security Engine

1.Supports Full Disk Encryption;

2.AES, DES, 3DES, and XTS encryption and decryption algorithms;

3.MD5, SHA, and HMAC tamper proofing;

4.RSA, ECC signature and verification algorithms;

5.Supports 160-bit hardware pseudo random number generator(PRNG)Supports 256-bit hardware true random number generator(TRNG);

6.Integrated one EFUSE for chip ID and security application.


1.There are private models to choose from;

2.Online upgrade;

3.Online and offline games are available.

Allwinner H616-12

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My customer feedback experience is pretty good at the moment. Wakaya products are recommended.

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Good service attitude, good product quality, good after-sales service.

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